Veil of the Eternal Night

Created by QuasiReal Publishing

Massive D&D 5e and MythCraft Tome + Campaign. Tabletop Roleplaying Gothic Horror & Vampire Hunting inspired by Dark Fantasy Legends.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Free Dice for All!
5 months ago – Fri, Feb 02, 2024 at 12:01:47 PM

What a week! We were funded in just 2 minutes, and now in just 3 short days you've unlocked 12 stretch goals, and we're already on the tail of the 13th! 


Free Gift

We decided to do a free gift for all of our backers. (most at least) Free Morgana dice with EVERY physical tier! (not digital and not "$1" build your own) 

Just a thank from us, to you, for smashing our goals. No action needed, if you qualify, you'll get 'em! 


We are working on our Lycanthrope class! This is just like the Vampire class: There will be DND and MythCraft versions, and it will be a FULL class, added right into Harker's. Yes, this book is getting PLUMP and getting JUICY, and we're barely done yet. Excited to thicken this tome! If you're not already excited about this, then I need to remind you that Ancerra has 5 moons. ... mhm. 

And yesterday we unlocked our 2nd pin line. Reminder: ALL pins are added to Collector's Edition Tier, All-In and up automatically!


We are working out a ROBUST streaming schedule for the next month. Nathan is doing a very cool, very unique, one-of-a-kind LIVE design session of one of the Legacy Artifacts that will go into Harker's Guide to Vampire Hunting. This will be on YouTube at 6 PM EST. You can get a reminder, and join the discord, here: 

Don't Forget Your Addons 

One thing I have seen people do is wait to add their addons until after the campaign. Don't do that, go add 'em now, because this adds to our current funding and unlocks more stuff. 

Thank you all! Tell your friends, spread the word, let's keep climbing! We're so so so grateful for all of the support you've shown. Our hearts are very full, and we cant wait to see what all we unlock.

Hope to see you in the discord!

Mori The Reaper Plush - Now Available!
6 months ago – Wed, Jan 31, 2024 at 02:28:08 PM

Welcome to the party, Mori!

We did it - Mori has been unlocked! This wonderful 8" plush has been unleashed on the world! Mori is extremely soft and snuggly (Don't tell him I said so), and his removable scythe has just the tiniest bit of velcro, not enough to make him any less cuddly. He'll steal your heart while he reaps your soul.

Add Mori to your pledge right now; every little bit helps us unlock more!  

Now we work towards Pin Line #2!! 

-All pin lines are automatically added to Collectors Edition and up. 
-Mori has been added to the All-In tier and up automatically since All-in and up get a copy of all physical stretch goals. 

Last call for Early Bird!
6 months ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 04:59:49 PM

We funded! 

WHAT A DAY! Funded in 2 minutes... What an incredible community. Thank you all so, so much. I can't describe what it feels like to put something you're this passionate about and have such an amazing group of TTRPG'ers accept it with open arms.

Thank you. Seriously. From the bottom of our hearts.

Last call for Early Bird!

The Early Bird specials end at MIDNIGHT EST. This is the last chance to lock in your All-in tier at this incredible rate. 

Stretch Goals UNLOCKED!

We've already unlocked deep breath ... Two lineages, four Backgrounds, the Demon Soul subclass, the vampire class, a new Mythic Creature, a new Legacy Artifact, the Jester rogue subclass, the Death Dice Tray, AND the first enamel pin line. WHEW.

Next up is the Penitent and Reaper Plush! Share with your friends and spread the word... let's do this!

We're live right now!

Join us for some Veil of the Eternal Night previews! Nathan is running one of the Mythic Boss Creature encounters with some friends! Check it out! 

Lastly, we'd love to have you join the discord! Hop into

Thank you! We're so excited for the incredible month ahead. 

-Grant, Jake, Andi, and Nathan

GM Intro to MythCraft Tier Update
6 months ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 09:59:02 AM

It's been brought to our attention that the GM intro to MythCraft bundle did not have Ratu the Bat included in the rewards, but was supposed to. We are updating our tier to reflect this. If you previously backed at the GM intro to MythCraft tier, the plush will automatically be added to your order, and there is nothing further you need to do.

Lunch Time Update! What a crazy couple of hours.
6 months ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 09:05:17 AM

First off, Thank you!

This has been an insane morning. Thank you all again for your support! It has been so heartwarming seeing everyone in the live stream and discord. We are doing our best to keep up with all the comments and questions! Please keep them coming!

Even more Stretch Goals Unlocked!!!

We have unlocked three more stretch goals for you all! The books will now include the playable Demon Soul Warlock/Vessel Subclass and the Vampire Class! Time to succumb to the curse and embrace your new powers as a creature of the night!

Not only that, we have unlocked our first physical add-on! The Class Pin line. This is a set of 4 gorgeous enamel pins depicting classes from Harker's Guide to Vampire Hunting. 

Upcoming Goals!

So what's next? Even more content to be added to the books for all! We are nearly to the next Mythic Creature for you to fight at your table! Want to experience what this might be like? Check out the Demo available on the main Kickstarter page to try out the Morgana fight!

We will also be adding our next subclass for all the rogue lovers out there! Play the Jester Rogue and mock your way to the top of the court!