Veil of the Eternal Night

Created by QuasiReal Publishing

Massive D&D 5e and MythCraft Tome + Campaign. Tabletop Roleplaying Gothic Horror & Vampire Hunting inspired by Dark Fantasy Legends.

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Pre-Order Store is Live, Free FanRoll Dice, and more!
4 months ago – Tue, Mar 12, 2024 at 10:41:08 AM

Hey everyone! Good to see you all again. I wanted to share a few things with you. To start,

The Pre-Order Store is Live!

We have had many requests from folks who missed the campaign for preorders, and we're live right now!

What's coming up?


Soon, you will receive a survey. This will be where you will choose your system, get another chance for add-ons, provide your shipping information, and other such things. I will send another update before these go out, but they are coming, and that's where you'll choose your system!


We have released our official playtest schedule in the MythCraft Discord. (I encourage you to join us!) The first Harker's playtest is scheduled for April 12th. Please note these dates are subject to change, but we'll keep you updated!

If you are a backer, you are invited to playtest. The only requirement is that you join the discord. 

While you wait - Check out Mythcraft the Podcast!

I'd like to invite you all to check out our official podcast! MythCraft the Pod is a MythCraft actual play pod! Enjoy an ensemble cast, intriguing story, and a whole lot of fun at

Thank you's!

This update we'd like to thank, and invite you to check out our partners Jellop and FanRoll Dice!


Our project was featured in the First Backer Newsletter, and we'd like to invite you to join its growing community of Kickstarter backers. You'll receive news on the freshest Kickstarter projects, amazing early bird offers, and awesome freebies right in your inbox. Click here to subscribe.

FanRoll Dice

Our project was featured in FanRoll Dice's newsletter! FanRoll are great friends, mentors, and partners to QuasiReal publishing, and I hope ALL of my dice goblins will check them out.

They're offering a free dice set, with purchase, for ALL Veil of the Eternal Night and MythCraft backers and fans who sign up for their newsletter.

You'll get a response with the coupon code, and then just buy something and enjoy FREE "Fairy Floss" dice! 

Thank you all so much! More soon. 

We did it! Thank you all
5 months ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2024 at 12:35:22 PM

The Eternal Night Begins 

Thank you all so much from the very bottoms of our collective, cold, dead hearts for making Veil of the Eternal Night such a smashing success! We are just blown away by all the support, kind words, and encouragement we've gotten over the course of this campaign. 

Thanks to you:

  • We funded in under 2 minutes. 
  • We nearly 4x'd our first project!
  • We unlocked 20 stretch goals!
  • We once again received Kickstarter's "Project We Love!"
  • We're now in the top 1% of all Kickstarters EVER! 

You all made this possible. Again... thank you so so much. Can't wait to do some grimdark, gothic, terrifying vampire & bat stuff with you all. 

-Grant, Andi, Jake, and Nathan, and the rest of the QuasiReal Publishing team. 

What Happens Next?

Kickstarter has started charging everyone, and there will undoubtedly be some declined cards. Kickstarter will keep trying for a few days, so take this opportunity to update your card info! Many times it's simply a fraud alert from your card issuer. 

Shipping Info

In the coming weeks, you will receive a survey from Backerkit. This is where you'll give us your shipping information (Don't worry, this doesn't lock in for a while! Youll be able to update it this if it changes) add add-ons, and even late pledge! We'll send another update out when this is happening so you can keep an eye out for it.

Choosing your System & Verifying VIP status

Two most common questions: (1)When do I pick my system, and (2) what if I used a separate 
email on my VIP and Kickstarter? Same as above: You will select your system in the survey that you receive from Backerkit, and be given a chance to verify your VIP status.

Now the real work begins!

We would love to see you all join the discord. Even as a lurker, we have an incredible community and can keep you updated in a much more "live" manner here. As well as keep you updated on our other MythCraft playtests and content. 

Join us @ 

Seriously. Join the discord! 

And if I haven't said it enough


New Stretch Goal - 380k Unlocked - Vote for your reward!
5 months ago – Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 10:04:45 AM

Thank you for 380k!

With 380k UNLOCKED we are holding another backer-led design jam! Backers can vote on one of four Legacy Artifacts, and once the choice is made, Nathan will personally livestream and design the artifact's abilities! 

The vote will be held a little differently this time, so read this THOROUGHLY! (The last vote unintentionally spammed a lot of folks' inboxes, and we don't want to do  that again!)

To vote, join and navigate to the ⁠🦇-veil-of-the-eternal-night channel. The possible artifacts will be pinned in this channel, so place your vote there by clicking on the relevant icon. 

The stream will be at: LIVE on Friday the 23rd at 6pm EST. 

Now for the vote!
ONE OF THESE will come to Veil of the Eternal Night! 

1 - AZREAL'S FEATHER. A feather from the wings of the fallen angel. Gain flying powers, some resistances and buffing abilities, some divine magic. 
2 - THE SHADOWCROFT GRIMOIRE. A cursed tome formerly in Morgana's possession, allows you to summon spirits and other monsters from the demiplane to fight for you or help with skills. 
3 - THE FLESH STITCHER MANUAL. Dr. Frankenstein's manual on creating golems. Allows heroes to create their own golem and level up their golem over time. 
4 - TIMEKEEPER'S LANCE. Taken from the clock tower in Lorvan, a debuff item that slows enemies and other chronomancy-related abilities. 

Hop in discord and check out the pinned post in #⁠🦇-veil-of-the-eternal-night! Cast your vote! Discuss!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your ongoing support. 

The Climb Continues, and the "Choose a Mythic Creature" Vote begins!
5 months ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2024 at 11:36:03 AM

Choose a Mythic Creature Vote is now live!

With 360k, comes a very exciting stretch goal! Backers get to vote on one of four Mythic Creatures, and once the choice is made, I (Grant) will personally livestream a design jam where we can put the encounter together!

The vote is live now in our comments section.
You can discuss and get a reminder for the stream in our Discord.
Or you can hop on YouTube and get a notification that way! 

We're knocking down those stretch goals 1 by 1. If you missed this one, no worries; we're doing it again at 380k! Only this time with Nathan Heard and a Legacy Artifact

Below, I dive into some of the immersive extras and amazing addons available with Veil of the Eternal Night. Is your pledge up to date? ;) 

Veil of the Eternal Night Minis

First up I wanted to show off some of our incredible minis to you folks. They're beautiful, they're detailed, they're crafted with love... Beast Miniatures is doing amazing work; we're so excited and blessed to work with them. 

Rossa provided us with some test prints, and I wanted to show them to you. They put so much love and care into ensuring these STLs and Minis are well put together, fully supported, and high-quality. I love to see that the STLs are getting as much attention as the models! 

I was blown away by how clean and easy the mini removes from the supports and the level of testing that went into making sure you all get the best minis and STLs!

The hand-illustrated Tarot

Legendary Mythcraft Artist John B has been hard at work designing our Tarot. He has a very unique process and was nice enough to screen share a time-lapse of creating one of the cards! 

So you see, when I say hand-illustrated, I mean it! He never digitizes this stuff; it is all pencil and ink, and even the final file our designers get is a scan of the original artwork. This will be an absolutely one-of-a-kind deck, and I am so excited about it. John is a valued member of the QuasiReal team, and we couldn't be more honored to have him working on the Tarot.

The Music Contest

Love the music? So do we! Geoffplaysguitar is running a Cover/Remix contest for OST track "Taste of Death" right now on his YouTube channel! We're so excited to see what you all come up with. Check it out:

Projects We Love

Check out these other incredible Kickstarters while you wait for more VOTEN goodness!

Dragon Carnival

I would love to see the MythCraft & QuasiReal Community really show up and support other creators! The first project we love is only £1!

"To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024, GreedyGorgonPress have created this carnival one shot. It’s packed full with mini games and ends with an encounter against a new type of dragon in Harmum and Scaly's big top.

Dragon Carnival gives you so much. More than 10 mini games for players to roll their stats, practise their skills and have a bloody good time - games like giant rat jousting, poker dragon in the eye, pie eating contests, a lottery, and so many more. A new way of raising funds for your adventure. New magical items. Plus, new NPCs like the fortune teller Madame Fatalis and the mad mage Juan Qi Towa."

Battle for the Realm (5e)

Battle for the Realm Trilogy is the final book in the Eastern Farraway Adventures campaign
and completes the series. The campaign consists of five books with more than 800 pages, 15 linked fantasy adventures that take the characters from level 1 to 15, and five extensive compendiums.

The complete Eastern Farraway Adventures series is available as a discounted pledge reward
bundle and as add-ons during the campaign.

The campaign includes rewards ranging from £5 for backers on low income (e.g. students or
unemployed) to a £230 Collector’s Edition box.

Please take some time to check out both Dragon Carnival and Battle for the Realm Trilogy! Spread the support and love around. 

First Week Update, Reapers, Werewolves, Dice Trays, And More!
5 months ago – Tue, Feb 06, 2024 at 10:43:50 AM

New Stretch Goals Unlocked! 

We've unlocked the entire Lycanthrope class! This will be added directly into "Harker's Guide to Vampire Hunting" for MythCraft and 5e and will feature several subclasses as well! Discover the secrets of Lycanthropy and Ancerra's five moons.


Also, just unlocked, the PDF Handout pack - Printable handouts for items, artifacts, effects, and more! Great for VTT's and physical tables!

Now we work on the MUCH REQUESTED character sheet addition for Sanity, Fear, and Psyche Talents. These will be produced as beautifully printed character journals, sized 4¾" × 7.5" - These are great to collect for characters and keep forever! They will be available in 2-packs as an addon for 5e or MythCraft. 


UPDATED Stretch Goals

Nathan and I are updating the Mythic Creature and Legacy Artifact stretch goals to something a little more exciting! Now, rather than only adding things to Harker's Guide, at 360k & 380k we will:

  • Let Backers vote on one of FOUR Mythics or Artifacts
  • Do a LIVE design jam on YouTube, where everyone can participate!

Nathan will be taking on the Legacy Artifact and the Mythic Creature stream will be with me! (Grant) If all goes well we'll do this pretty much right away, while the Kickstarter is still going!

Streams continue!

Join Nathan Heard tonight for another design stream at 6 PM EST! 

Join us in Discord!

Lastly, we'd really like to invite you to join us in the Discord! We have a thriving community and so many new faces! Whether you're a lurker, a socialite, looking to stay up to date, or want to get more involved, the Discord is for you!

Thank you all so much! Let's keep this going!